Our Vision is to be at the forefront of international education.

At King’s College School, our blend of British education and the International Baccalaureate places us at the forefront of international education.


Since 1969, the schools that make up King’s College Group have set a precedent for unrivalled academic excellence. Our heritage is underpinned by the Inspired global education group that we are a part of - a global group that sets the highest standards in premium international education.

Our schools focus on the individuality of each child and develop their confidence by focusing on a broad curriculum. Our Three Pillars approach to Inspired learning has Academics at the centre with the two other pillars of Performing Arts and Sports of equal strength and importance. This ensures we develop confident, thoughtful and knowledgeable young people, delivered through an engaging and broad curriculum.

We hand-pick teachers with the skills and imagination to turn the curriculum into dynamic lessons, placing children at the centre of their learning to give them the best chance for self-development.

The results of our approach speak for themselves. All our schools have a reputation of academic excellence, honed through our 50+ year heritage that has allowed us to craft an approach proven to be highly successful.

King’s College School students receive offers from the world’s top universities including the UK and US. Excellent results are just part of our ambition for our students. Parents send their children to King’s College School because they want their children to be exposed to new ideas, to have their minds stimulated, their intellectual curiosity fostered and their creativity nurtured.

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